who we are

Green Pet brand inspiration

Inspire by Natural and environment

We are from nature. Nature is us.

Nature gives us space to live. We live in nature.

What do we give to nature?

We love environment, wish to live in healthy environment.


Concept idea of Green Pet brand

Green Pet brand under company White Crane (V.88) Aqua-Tech Co.,Ltd is a business oriented organization, yet aware of environment and social responsibility. We believe in living in harmony among human, pet, and environment and long lasting living with nature.


Green Pet’s Social responsibility

Green Pet in company level:

  • Recycle packaging, replace it from plastic bottle.
  • Deliver good health through pet’s supplements
  • Ingredient derive from nature

Green Pet in social level:

  • Encourage friendly environment by Pet owner responsibility


"Green Pet" is a brand for pet companion’s health, living harmony with nature.

"Healthy pet is a happy pet" .