• Pet Grass

             Dogs and Cats that go outdoors will eat grass, but it has as little or if any nutritional value. Your yard may also have been treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which could be harmful to your pets. Offering the Pet Grass is a… Read more
  • Odorless

    Odorless in 7 days, eliminates odor  in pet's breath, saliva, and waste    A blend of probiotic & prebiotic(FOS)  - Aid the digestive system with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus  - Balance micro flora in the intestine, promotes regular waste eliminator and mor… Read more
  • MaxiCoat

      MaxiCoat in just 30 days, thicker  and shinier coat of hair    Nutritional aid for healthy skin and shiny coat  - Fermemted yeast extract is used to give pets thicker and healthier hair  - Fortified with Vitamin E, Zinc, Linoleic Acid, and rich in antio… Read more
  • MaxiColla

    MaxiColla A blend of probiotic and prebiotic with collagen •    Increase vitality and alertness in just 7 days •    Strengthen immune system by increasing beneficial bacteria and consequently reducing pathogenic bacteria. •    Rel… Read more
  • OdorClean

    ODORCLEAN Remove bad odor Enzyme works at the source of odor – OdorClean is an odor remover solution specifically made to eliminate unpleasant odors from organic matters. How does OdorClean work? – OdorClean contains natural enzyme to remove odor instantly. When the mixture spr… Read more