A blend of probiotic and prebiotic with collagen

•    Increase vitality and alertness in just 7 days
•    Strengthen immune system by increasing beneficial bacteria and consequently reducing pathogenic bacteria.
•    Relieve constipation and enhance Bifidobacteria population
•    Thicken, soften, lengthen and bring back luster in pet's coat
•    Supports joint  and tendon health. Aids to repair injuries, relieves aches and pains caused by depleted
collagen  reserved.

Main lngredients : Yeast (Vitamin B-complex), Sesame oil (Vitamin E, B-complex,  Amino acid, lron, lodine, Zinc,Calcium,
Phosphorus, Probiotic, Prebiotic,Collagen.

Usage: 1 tablet (2.5g.) per 5 kilogram body weight per day.