Remove bad odor

Enzyme works at the source of odor – OdorClean is an odor remover solution specifically made to eliminate unpleasant odors from organic matters.

How does OdorClean work? – OdorClean contains natural enzyme to remove odor instantly. When the mixture sprayed, the enzyme immediately digests the ammonia, the source of unpleasant odor. OdorClean does not leave any fragrance thus suitable for users sensitive or allergic to fragrance. It’s safe, non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Source of Unpleasant odor – Odor problem in houses, shops, clinics, pet shops and farms comes from stain and organic matter residue which may remain despite cleaning. Sources in these areas include cages, pet areas, kitchens, toilets and waste bins.

Recommendation: Leave spray onto pet. Finished in 2 weeks once diluted.

Usage: Mix 2 spoons (3 grams) per 500ml of water. Spray directly in area. Consume mixture within two weeks once diluted.